DANIEL THOMASSEN came to Skarsvåg at the age of 17 in 1932. He started as a fisherman with his brother. After a few years, he married Åse and built a house where Daniel’s house is today. Here they lived until forced relocation during World War II in the winter of 1944. The house was burned like everything else in the village. When they returned home after the war, they lived in a temporary house built of wood from a prison camp until 1947. The old house was then converted into an outbuilding / barn. In the seventies, the outhouse was used as a Northern Lights observatory by German researchers.

Daniels Hus has open doors for everybody who want to share good experiences

Åse and Daniel’s house was always open to the known and the unknown. The kitchen was the natural gathering point and good conversations and revues were commonplace. Daniel’s granddaughter Lill-Karin had her first 6 years of life with Åse and Daniel. Lill-Karin and Espen bought the house from Daniel in 2004. Even then, we were thinking of selling fish cakes to tourists who came from the popular tourist destination Kirkeporten, which is a 20-minute walk from Daniel’s House. The outbuilding was demolished in 2016 and our new Daniel’s House was built on the old sites.

Daniel’s House was officially opened on Sunday 4. July 2021, and the reception and feedback so far has been overwhelming. We hope that known and unknown will continue to come to us to share good experiences that Åse and Daniel did for us.


Local and fresh ingredients

We use local ingredients that we pick or fish in the beautiful nature here in Finnmark. You are always served fresh dishes with us.


With only two tables, open kitchen, a piano and fireplace, we guarantee a warm and cozy atmosphere during your visit to Daniel Hus.


The hosts are always available, and are happy to tell local stories, play some music from the piano or share recipes from the local area.


The dishes served at Daniels Hus are based on traditional food recipes from Skarsvåg and the coast in the north. The recipes can also be found in the cookbook “Food recipes from Skarsvåg”

The hosts


The hosts

WE ARE BOTH seniors after 37 years of service in the Air Force. We started a company called Lill-Karin’s food and writing room and which is the basis for Daniel’s house in Skarsvåg. Our background in the Armed Forces can be divided into two. One domestic and one abroad. Abroad, both have served in Italy and Afghanistan. Lill-Karin has been an observer in the Middle East and has also worked at the UN headquarters in New York for two years. For the last 4 years before retirement, Espen has been Norway’s defense attaché in Turkey. Domestically, we have served on Andøya, Bodø, Stavern, Oslo, Kjevik and Honningsvåg.

We have long had a dream of starting something of our own in tourism and food. Here in Skarsvåg we bought the house of grandfather Daniel in 2005. We have refurbished it from top to toe, as well as demolished the old barn and built a new one called Daniel’s house. We want to let people meet in our restaurant around a good meal or a glass of wine. Telling stories and making friends is important to us.