In the bright summer months when the midnight sun shines around the clock, we find Daniel’s house in the heart of Skarsvåg. The small restaurant, built on the site of an old barn, has a history stretching back to the war days.
Today, Daniel’s House is an open house where we welcome guests from all over the world. With just two tables, an open kitchen, a piano and a crackling fireplace, we create a warm and cozy atmosphere. We serve traditional dishes made from local ingredients – fish caught in the cold sea and berries picked from the beautiful nature of Finnmark.
So next time you visit Skarsvåg, head to Daniel’s house. Sit by the fireplace, enjoy a homemade country bread with fish cake, listen to the stories that weave through the walls. Because in Daniel’s house, memories and magic live side by side, and the guests become part of the story – just as Daniel and Åse wanted.
See you soon.
Lill Karin and Espen